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Market Strategies  Market Strategies
  To minimize budget risk 

Combining proven negotiating power with an informed understanding of market dynamics, APG's progressive approach to procurement delivers bottom-line benefits; enabling your company to manage risk and price exposure.

tailored approach  A Tailored Approach
  To your business needs

We start by evaluating our client's objectives, consider the existing market conditions then we take care to adopt a method that best suits those objectives -- ultimately determining a purchasing strategy that is most appropriate for achieving their goals.

The Best Deal  The Best Deal
   With favorable contract terms

As contract structures become increasingly complex, extra attention must be paid to additional pricing components such as ancillary charges, line losses, bandwidth and countless other elements that will change the final amount invoiced by the supplier.

Price is not the only component of an offer that should be considered. Alliance Power Group will review the supplier’s contract and alert you if potential 'hidden costs' are uncovered.


Negotiating Competitive Electric & Gas Deals

Company Profile
Let our experience work to secure the best deal for your next power supply contract.

Alliance Power Group was established to provide professional energy procurement in deregulated energy markets.

Our model is designed to deliver the most competitive energy rates and the highest level of service within the energy industry.